Welcome to the Yatzy (Yahtzee) and MaxiYatzy games.
Yatzy is and well known dice game played with 5 dices. The goal of the game is to gain as much points as possible. The rules are almost the same as for Yahtzee. Note: In yatzy a small straight is 1,2,3,4 and 5 in random order.

MaxiYatzy is a more advanced version with 6 dices and more combinations, where you save your unused rolls to the next round.

Click on Play Yatzy or MaxiYatzy on the menu to begin a new game.

The "Roll dice" button rolls the dice for you. You can now now place the score in the scoreboard or roll the dice again. You get 3 rolls per round. After each roll, you may hold any dice you want to save. Click on a dice to hold it. In a MaxiYatzy game, you add unused rolls from the previous round to the 3 new rolls you get each round.

The game is finished when you have filled all the slots in the scoreboard. You can place your roll on any of the blank slots at the scoreboard, but you will receive zero points (X) if you don't have the right combination.

The combinations in the scoreboard are as follows:

Special combinations for MaxiYatzy:

RollPlaced inYields
5 1 5 3 5One1 point
5 1 5 3 5Five15 points
5 1 5 3 5One pair10 points
5 3 5 3 5Two pair16 points
5 3 5 3 5Three equals15 points
5 3 5 3 5Full house21 points
4 2 3 5 1Small straight15 points
5 3 5 3 5Yatzy0 points
1 1 1 1 1Yatzy50 points