Download so you can play Yatzy (yahtzee) or Maxi Yatzy on your home computer with up to five players. The game has a highscore list to keep track of your best scores.

Click here to download Yatzy
0,4 MB
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
FreeWare - v2.1

If you don't want to use an installer, download the application as a zipped executable here (0,2MB).

Changes in v2.1:
Fixed wrong "Score" calculation in MaxiYatzy, error in "Tower" calculation, added "Clear Highscore" to Game menu, and made check for updates link actually check for a newer version.

Screenshot 1:

Start new game

Screenshot 2:

in a yatzy game

Screenshot 3:

in a maxiyatzy game with 5 players